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​Soundcore by Anker Sleep A10 - Bluetooth Earbuds

  • ​Soundcore by Anker Sleep A10 - Bluetooth Earbuds
  • ​Soundcore by Anker Sleep A10 - Bluetooth Earbuds
  • ​Soundcore by Anker Sleep A10 - Bluetooth Earbuds
€ 39,-
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Soundcore by Anker Sleep A10 - Bluetooth Sleep Earbuds


Comfortable even for side sleepers: The thin and lightweight construction ensures that the Sleep A10 stays in your ears without sticking out. You can wear them all night without discomfort. Note: Do not use Sleep A10 outdoors, where performance may not be stable. If you use them indoors (e.g. in the bedroom) used, they work best.

Sleep peacefully: Stay asleep with the four-point noise masking system. The earhooks and Twin Seal ear pads ensure good noise reduction with a tight seal. The smart volume control adjusts the volume of sleep sounds to mask external noise. Note: no active noise cancellation (ANC)

Enjoy virtually unlimited audio: Connect Sleep A10 via Bluetooth 5.2 to listen to audio from your favorite apps. You can also choose from a wide range of white noise and soothing sounds in the soundcore app to help you sleep and relax.

Adapted for sleep sounds: With custom dynamic drivers that produce low-frequency sound that's 10dB softer than standard drivers, Sleep A10 enhances white noise and other sleep-inducing sounds, so you fall asleep faster.

Improve your sleep: Keep track of how you sleep and get feedback on the duration and quality of your sleep. The earbuds automatically pause the audio once you've fallen asleep, and you can set a personal alarm clock so your partner can sleep through.

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